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European Bison - Species Detail

AKA: Wisent Gold: 54 4/8" Gold (Bow): 52 3/8"
Endangered: Silver: 52 6/8" Silver (Bow): 0"
Bronze: 50" Bronze (Bow): 45"

Bison bonasus

Bisonte Europeo (Sp), Wisent (G), Bison d'Europe (F). Called wisent in much of Europe. Its closest relative is the American bison.

DESCRIPTION (male) Shoulder height 6-6-1/2 feet (1.8-2.0 m). Weight 1,750-2,000 pounds (794-907 kg). Females are considerably smaller, weighing 1,100-1,300 pounds (499-590 kg).

A large, heavy animal with a high shoulder hump and a short, broad head that is carried low. Body is relatively narrow, especially in the hindquarters. A mane of coarse, woolly hair grows on shoulders and neck. There is a short beard and a tasseled tail. Color is a uniformly dark brown. Both sexes have short horns that curve out and up from the side of the head. Females have slimmer horns, a thinner neck and a smaller hump than males.

Compared with the North American bison, the wisent is taller and longer-legged, with weaker forequarters and stronger hindquarters, and it has straighter horns, a shorter mane and a longer, bushier tail.

DISTRIBUTION Private ranches in Colorado.

REMARKS Once widespread over much of Europe and extending marginally into the Caucasus range in Asia, it was exterminated in the wild, then reintroduced from captive stock to parts of Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Also on private properties in other countries.

HYBRIDIZATION The European bison is either known or believed to crossbreed, or to be the result of hybridization, when in a game ranch environment.

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